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Welcome to Hooves Gone Wild

This is my subtle way of promoting Natural Horse Care from communication, environment all the way to the hoof.  It's time to STOP Humanizing Equines and start Equinizing Humans... 

My goal is to share my hoof trimming and natural horsemanship experience with those that are realizing that the "old" traditional methods are harmful, stressful & worthless to horses.  The "old" traditional ways leave people with doubt, guilt & frustration.  These ways promote inconsistancy in horse behavior as everything is fear based motivation.  These horses become mechanical and cold with no personality.  When I first got into horses I was there myself at one time, for a very short time. I saw very quickly how sad and unconfident, not only my horses were, but those that I meet everyday.  This site is intended for those who are experiencing an awakening of sorts and are seeing their horses in their world, naturally. 

I am not about controversy, however, not everyone will agree with my philosophies and opinions here.  

Just remember, advice and opinions are only valueable if you feel they apply to you.  If you believe the information you find here doesn't  apply to you or your horse then I'm sure there's something out there that will work for you, but remember not necessarily for the horse.

I hope you find this place resourceful and sincerely hope you get reassurance about issues concerning barefoot care and whole natural care.

I am a strong advocate for the AANHCP method of trimming.  Please check out the AANHCP site for tons of information about the Wild Horse and how they are a role model for your domestic horse.  You will learn they are healthier and more grounded and confident because they are allowed to live and socialize as they are meant to.  Although short of setting your horse free, using the wild horse model for care is not to say that your domestic horse will be in that environment.  It is what it is, a model to mirror as best as possible the ways of the wild horse so that your domestic horse receive some of the benefits that wild horses receive, which include socialization, living environment, mobility, natural diet, natural hoof care and natural training.  My personal favorites are Paddock Paradise for natural mobility, socialization and living environment, AANHCP for natural hoof care method and feed, Parelli Natural Horsemanship Training,  ADM feed for low NSC, although Triple Crown is not available in my area, I understand it is also a great source of low NSC.


AAH Perfection!
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